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    1. Contact: Mr.Hao +86-13937378438 +86-373-2688019 ENGLISH  |  CHINESE  

      About Us

      Xinxiang Xingang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (formerly Xinxiang Xingang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.) located in Xibei Suburb Industrial Park in Xinxiang, Henan, China, is engaged in the manufacture of ertapenem intermediate, nickel/ cadmium/cobalt/bismuth/zinc salts and oxides, and in the recycling of nonferrous metal scraps, to reduce pollution and protect environment.

      Founded in March 2005, the company has occupied floor area of over 20,000 sq. meters, including 2,000 sq. meters of workshops, 500 sq. meters of general-purpose tower integrating testing, inspection, manufacture and R & D, and 500 sq. meters of warehouses. Main products include dodecylbenzenesulfonylazide, N,N-carbonyldiimidazole, diphenyl chlorophosphate, diphenylphosphoryl azide and ammonium dithiocarbamate. 

      We attach great importance to human resources, and boast more than 60 top-notch technicians including over 20 technicians, which ensures the high quality of our products and services. 
      Sticking to the business philosophy of "Quality, Honesty and Services", we strive to create our own brand. And we warmly welcome the business and cooperation of friends from all walks of life on the basis of mutual benefit for common development.

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